PIC .jpgJosé Trejo-WIABE President

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José Trejo is an administrator at South Division High School, which is one of the most diverse high schools in the state. It also houses the largest bilingual program at the high school level in the state of Wisconsin. He is also the proud father of an elementary age boy that attends a bilingual elementary school within Milwaukee Public Schools. He has previously served in a number of non-profit boards, including as president of the board of the largest immigrant rights organization in the state, Voces de la Frontera. Mr. Trejo has also served on the board of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, where he advocated for a number of initiatives around bilingual education. As a proud product of public, bilingual education, Mr. Trejo believes that in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual society, bilingual and multilingual education is an integral part of a 21stcentury education.


Dr. Juan Báez-WIABE Past-President

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Dr. Juan Baez is the proud father of three daughters who attend Milwaukee Public Schools. He is currently the Principal at Milwaukee School of Languages at Milwaukee Public Schools.  Dr. Baez has a strong commitment to bilingual education and believes that all children should have the gift of bilingualism/multilingualism with access to an equitable and quality public education. Dr. Baez believes that all children are capable of amazing achievements when they receive the right opportunities.

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