PO Box 340192 

Milwaukee, WI 53234-0192 


23 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. wiabe says:

      Hola Roberta! Yes, we continue to have membership. Individuals who attend the conference automatically become members for a year. Other wise you can complete a membership form and mail it to our P.O.Box. We can email you a membership form if you provide an email. Have a great day!


  1. Kimberly Krohn says:

    I would like to present again with my co-teacher Julie and we have a few ideas that would be helpful and beneficial to fellow teachers. I had a great time last year!


  2. Carmen D. Reyes Secklin says:

    I want to buy a banquet meal ticket and Sunday breakfast ticket for a guest. The cost & where should I send the check.


  3. Maricarmen Rodriguez says:

    I was one of TEACHER OF THE YEAR last conference and I can’t find my booklet of 2018 Conference. is there a change I can get a copy?


    1. wiabe says:

      Hola Maricarmen. I can forward the message to the appropriate board member. I’m not sure if we have any more hard copies, but I can definitely see if we can provide and electronic version. Can you provide me your email?


  4. Ann Arendt says:

    I’m trying to register 3 teachers form our district. They are only going to the Friday event. When I fill out the registration form it asks what they want to eat on Saturday and Sunday. Why would it ask that when I clicked on only attending Friday’s event. I don’t want you to order food when it’s not necessary. What do I do, just pick Roast Pork and Beef Tendorlion? Also, are the T-Shirts FREE?


    1. wiabe says:

      Hola Ann,

      Sorry for the delay. I hope you were able to complete the registration. Clicking on the Friday only event should suffice. Please email Cynthia Mendoza at: mendozacyndy64@gmail.com
      to ensure no food is to be ordered for the following conference dates.

      Yes the T-shirts are free for early bird registration participants, pending on availability. Have a great night.


      1. Ann Arendt says:

        I have to make a change on 3 reservations. Can someone supply me with a phone number, have many questions. Thanks. *Ann E. Are**ndt* *Receptionist/Secretary/Transportation * *Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools* *510 Peach Street* *Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494* *Phone # 715-424-6700/**Fax # 715-422-6070* *E-Mail Address: ann.arendt@wrps.net *


    1. wiabe says:

      Hola Maggie,
      We are finalizing the details for the conference. Once the Conference at a glance is available we will post it on the website. In the meantime, below is a brief overview.

      Friday (Pre-registration starts at 4:00 PM, Networking and evening program starts at 6:00 PM)

      Saturday (Morning workshops, luncheon, and Banquet & Keynote)

      Sunday (Morning Program ends at around 9:00-11:30 AM)


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