Mum in tears as she loses money in Greggs queue but staff save her embarrassment

A mum has thanked Greggs’ staff for helping to save her from embarrassment after she suffered a money blunder when trying to buy sausage rolls.

The grateful mum became upset when a mix-up in the queue meant she couldn’t pay for her order.

She claims she counted out her cash onto the counter, before turning away to her buggy. When she turned back, the money was gone.

But it had not been taken by the staff member to cover her food bill as she expected.

Recounting the experience in a post shared to Mumsnet, the woman explained how she started to realise something had gone wrong when the cashier asked for her money a second time.

While the mum was certain she had paid, the staff member insisted she hadn’t received the payment, certain because she had not opened the till.

She said: “I’m checking the buggy in case I’ve put it back my pockets, my bra the lot. No cash.”

Feeling at a loss, the mum started to become upset and started to cry. Others in the store also started to notice, with a colleague coming to help and another customer offering to pay on the woman’s behalf.

And it all became too much for the woman, who felt embarrassed, worried people might think she was trying to steal.

Keen to help, staff declined all offers to pay for the woman’s order, instead putting her order through as if it had been paid.

“But by now I’m properly blubbering and saying I’m sorry and that I don’t want them to think I’d try and steal it,” the mum wrote.

Thankfully, the kind staff continued to offer help. The woman said they reassured her the money had likely been taken by another customer, before offering a cup of tea.

But feeling “humiliated enough” she thanked them and left.

The mum concluded her post by adding that she later worried her response had been “pathetic”, but Mumnset users were quick to come to her defence.

One person said: “We all have off days, so don’t worry about that.

“With me, I have stress build up gradually, until one little incident pushes me over the edge and I breakdown or have a meltdown over something minor. It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Another added: “You poor thing. Hope you feel better now.”