‘My daughter won’t invite my wife to her wedding so I’ve stopped funding it’

When it comes to planning who you’d like to invite to your wedding, the choice is wholly between you and your partner – and you shouldn’t be forced into inviting anyone you don’t want to.

But for one bride, denying one person entry to her wedding means she will have to start funding the ceremony herself, as her dad has decided to pull support as a result of her choice.

Posting on Reddit, the 58-year-old dad explained that he has been paying for his daughter’s wedding in instalments, but recently discovered that his wife isn’t invited to the special day.

And after trying to convince his 27-year-old daughter to reconsider, she told him that the wedding is for “real family” only – even though her mum’s boyfriend is invited.

In his post, he said: “My daughter is getting married in the autumn. I am supposed to pay for the wedding, that’s what we agreed on. We got the save the date invitations a few days after I put the payments through my bank, but they need to be approved, so no money has been paid yet.

“My wife isn’t invited to the wedding. I have been divorced [from my daughter’s mum] for 15 years and married to my wife now for eight years. My daughter never really liked my wife, they didn’t get along well. My other two kids love her.

“I called my daughter and asked her why my wife isn’t invited. She said that it is her wedding day and she only wants to invite her real family. I said ‘well did you invite your mum’s boyfriend?’ and she said yes.

“I said, ‘well okay, then you should invite my wife too, or I am not paying for the wedding’.

“She declined and said she isn’t inviting my wife. I told her I’ll cancel the payments then, and she didn’t believe me. I cancelled them and my daughter is now super p***ed at me, as is my ex-wife.”

The dad later clarified that his wife is 61 and that he met her five years after he divorced his daughter’s mum.

He added: “My wife is 61, I met her five years after my divorce. My daughter and wife never got along, she took her mum’s side during the divorce and our relationship has been rocky ever since.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were split on the issue, as many could see that while the man is able to be unhappy with his daughter’s decision and can revoke funding if he wants to, she can also invite or uninvite whoever she wants.

One person said: “It’s your money and you get to spend it how you want. Your daughter can decide who she wants at her wedding and you can decide not to pay for it.”

While another added: “She has every right to decide who is at her wedding but you have every right to decide to support your wife in this. Especially if she doesn’t like her simply because you married after her mother.”

And a third wrote: “She’s not obligated to invite your wife and you are not obligated to pay or attend without your wife.”