Man tries his luck getting into Glastonbury with woman’s ticket using wig and dress

A Glastonbury goer has left people in stitches after dressing up as a woman in a bid to get through security.

The unnamed man, who hails from Liverpool, was spotted attempting to get into the festival clad in a long blonde wig, sunhat, and dress.

The music lover had a woman’s ticket and, as Glastonbury attendees are required to present ID before being allowed in, felt he had no choice but to dress up as her.

As previously reported by the Liverpool Echo, side-splitting footage of the determined man was captured by a Twitter user, who was left “crying” with laughter at his antics.

Amused Twitter user Lori – who goes by the username @LoriHartx- wrote: “Day one of Glasto and a scouse lad came up to me in a wig and dress because he had a woman’s ticket.”

She went on to share footage of the inventive attendee, who she says approached her asking whether he could “come up with me because he’s got a girl’s ticket.”

The original vid has since clocked up more than 146.8K views, and many people have been left howling at the hopeful attendee and his not exactly convincing ‘disguise.’

One laughing person said they wanted “to see the picture on the ticket to see the resemblance for him to get in”, while another said they were “praying” he’d gotten in after all the effort he’d gone to.

Although Lori herself didn’t know if he’d been successful – having lost him at some point in the three-hour queue – a pic soon emerged from another user suggesting the get-up had done the trick.